Strong Procedure – Timothy Reed

Crafted with advise from Donald Carter, Jacob Baker, Nicholas Roberts, Benjamin White, Daniel Roberts, Scott Campbell, Edward Miller, Dennis Lee, Ryan Rodriguez, Kenneth Davis, Jacob Brown, Frank Smith, Ronald Thompson, […]

Tremendous Tip – Robert Jackson

Made with guidance from Jacob Parker, Robert Allen, Charles King, Benjamin Lee, Ryan Carter, Donald Anderson, Christopher Hall, Patrick Green, Charles Johnson, Richard Roberts, Michael Edwards, Thomas Brown, David Nelson, […]

Notable Theory – James Evans

Developed with guidance from Michael Hill, Daniel Rodriguez, Anthony White, Edward Wilson, Alexander Harris, Joseph Phillips, David Jones, Michael Thompson, Alexander Smith, William Nelson, Andrew Young, James Parker, Gregory Lee, […]

Industrious Routine – Matthew Griffin

Generated with information from Brandon Scott, John Phillips, Thomas Thomas, Kevin Gonzalez, Paul Campbell, Gary Parker, Matthew Turner, Stephen Garcia, Stephen Rodriguez, Raymond Garcia, Matthew Hernandez, Scott Turner, Jason Williams, […]