Certain songs and artists have created legacies that affect the entirety...

Certain songs and artists have created legacies that affect the entirety of the American soundscape. Some of the finest have lasted from the shutter beats of artists like Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins to the rocking strums of contemporary influences. Singer, songwriter and musician Chris Isaak has assembled a set of those cherished melodies to prove the classics never die.

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I think music always takes you back to where you we're when you first heard it, so for some people it's just part of them. When you play songs like Cant Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, or Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, I can look out at the audience and see people just smile. That reverence for the tunes so many of us grew up sharing is something Isaak delivers with the same impassioned ease with which he belts out the songs comprising his latest album Beyond the Suna collection of music hand-picked from the catalog of the infamous Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Throughout the decades, Sun Studio has been the recording home to artists like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and enough other legendary names to fill this entire book. In the beginning, Sam Phillips, the self-taught producer at Sun, took the artists that came to him, cranked up their amps, mixed their genres of classic country and folk with the blues, and cut their records with more passion and fun than many producers do today.

The sound that still emanates from that historic space carries with it the memory of the earliest days of what would meld into rock and roll. All that emotion, honesty and genuinely great music was captured superbly by Isaak and his band on Beyond the Sun. And it's something he hopes to embody when he brings those classics, and some new originals, to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in August.

We always try to get the audience to cut loose. We get off the stage and get out in the crowd. We get people on stage. We have a piano that bursts into flames! We put on a show, and the audience is part of this band! Along with the enjoyment of seeing a group of such talented performers, Isaak shows with this record a side of celebrity life to which we can all relate. People think rock and roll is all wild parties, but really the coolest part of spending your life making music is that you eventually get to meet your heroes. And I gotta say, it's been all I hoped.

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