Hungry For Peppers?

This morning reminded me how much I regret turning my back on photography so many years ago, but happy at the same time that I have come back to it. Quite frankly, it's fun! I love working with light, composition, and manipulated objects to create art. Since I'm a stick figure drawer, photography serves as my pencil and paper (so to speak).

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I wish I would've taken notes! I can't recall what I did and I'm still learning how to read the notes my camera records sorry folks. One of my biggest obstacles on this day was that I was using a 55 mm lens. The professional that I learned from today informed me that the lens size I was using acts similar to a wide angle lens. I'm not going to go into detail simply put I did what I could with what I had.

Going from a black background to white I was able to produce something that I could call product photography. Now all I have to do is add my copywriting and it's good to go!Not really. But I have hopes that my work will be ready for that type of work someday!

My happy dance of the day was when I learned how to set my f-stop on the camera and not on the display screen. Woop!! Practice makes better. On that note, I will continue to work on the technical aspects of photography untill my heart is content. No more shutting-out the voice from within.

*This post is not a review or an advertorial. I'm simply sharing my thoughts, notes, and personal experience on the subject matter presented.

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