This just isn't acceptable Canon.

And here comes the dreaded review that I've put off for a long time, not because I hate the product, but because I loved it and it disappointed me.

In June 2015, I purchased a Canon G7X in Hong Kong (3,380.00 HKD). The primary use was for travel videos due to it's small form-factor and impressive video quality with in-built stabilization. With 1080p 60 fps allowing for slow-motion and the ability to snap RAWphotos seemed like the perfect fit for me.

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It was the perfect fit, but the build quality just wasn't up to Canon's standards.

Upon first feel, the camera has a textured, rugged premium shell, but that's not the case. Within 2 days, the lens cap mechanism became faulty and would not shut or open properly. An issue many other people faced with the G7X. Luckily I was still in Hong Kong, and managed to take it in to the service repair center, but they said it would be back within a few weeks (I was charged around 15 for inspection fee, and repair was covered under warranty). I was leaving in a few days and ended up being without it for a 3 months. I've never purchased a product that had faulted within a couple days of use.

Fast forward to my trip to South Korea in December my G7X encountered another fault this time an error on boot-up stating : "Lens error, camera will shut down automatically". After taking it to the Canon Service center in Korea the employee had stated that he felt bad as a Canon employee to inform me that the camera was so fragile, and thus wouldn't charge an inspection fee. He stated that I may have been sold a faulty product, and the camera was only just reassembled on first repair, rather than a lens replacement. Cost of repair would be the same amount I spent on the camera. Not worth it.

I decided to contact the HK centre to see if they could sort it out. After a months worth of communication, sending purchase records and receipts, it was concluded that I'd have to send it off to them again and see how much it would cost to repair under warranty. So much hassle caused, when it could have been avoided if the G7X line had proper quality control.

Now I just have to wait.

It's such a shame since I had taken pretty awesome videos and pictures which I had posted on my Instagram, and even managed to film a 12on it before it decided to die on me. Now I'm without a point and shoot camera, and have to use my bulky 5D for mobile shoots which is not ideal. Come on #canon , help me out here.

If you're looking for something to learn from this post, it's don't buy a G7X


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