After looking through my initial sketches and felt tip illustrations I...

After looking through my initial sketches and felt tip illustrations I decided to start working on the Butterfly concept for my vector art.

As butterfly wings are intended to mirror one and other, I recognized that the best approach would be to develop one of the wings which could then be replicated.

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I started with the pen tool and then began playing with colours and markings on the wing. By altering the layer opacity so that they we're semi-transparent, I was able to effectively use the sketch as a guide.

Once I completed the first wing I used the Transform > Reflect tool to reproduce the same wing to mirror the first. As my initial sketches we're freehand I found that there was a lack of symmetry. The wings I traced had too much space in between them Lucky for the rotate function!

Lastly, I needed a butterfly body. This was easily created with some shape tools voila!

I had a bit of a play with brush effects (you can see the difference in the right wing), which looked quite effective.

I am happy with my butterfly as a starting point. I would like to explore more textures, shading and gradients. I quite like this flat design but am keen to develop my skills further by experimenting with different techniques.

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