Hello, I am Mark

Hello, I am Mark Hodges Photography and I specialize in outdoor action photography for events such as rodeo, horse show, football games and races. I print and sell photos at the events I cover, but also make the BEST event photos available for purchase from this web site.

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Photos from this site are copy right protected and edited before uploaded, in other words, what you see is what you get, photos from this site are not to be copied without legal penalties. Images are full sized and you are free to crop the photo to your liking in the check out process, no waiting for me to have the time to get to any orders or printing after you've ordered, photo printing and order processing from this site is done directly with a photo lab and not me, photo CD's are done by me and require interaction by email, please find a forwarding email link below.

I can make your order a photo CD of images, you pick the images and email the image numbers and show locations to me. I will burn your image choices to CD and mail the CD direct to you.

I plan to be spending more time at the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury Michigan this year then last, it would be very nice to see you there. Weather or not you come out to ride in or watch the Rodeo, stay as a Guest or visit the awesome resort, please find time to say hello or better yet get a beautiful photographic memory from me.

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