Asa and Farrah | Durham Children Photographer

I was so thrilled to work with these two amazing children from a practice session with my newest lighting gear. You will notice to variations of lighting in the images because this session was all about experimentation! I recently invested in two Canon 600 ex-rt flashes a new light stand, soft box and external battery packs.

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With all that new gear, I needed a few practice runs to make sure everything was working properly and I was prepared to use it. I blogged last week about another practice session I had with the Johnson family.

Asa and Farrah are siblings and had great chemistry in front of the camera and I had so much fun with them. I was able to try out some new things and get some great shots in less than an hour! You would think these kids we're models (and now they kinda are, lol!)

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Posted in Photograph Post Date 06/07/2017