Perception of creativity is skewed

Perhaps perception of creativity is skewed. It's important to know what creativity is not just as important as it is to know what creativity is.

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      • Creativity is not trying to be someone else. For e.g. if I tried to be Oprah or writelike J.K. Rowling, I probably would be the worst impersonation of them ever because that is just not who I am.
      • Creativity is not this mystical, unreachable state reserved for a select few.
      • Creativity is not innovation, but there could be a symbiotic relationship between both.

Maybe our environment and the way we're brought up to think plays a role in why we may feel that we have no creativity on the inside of us. Many of our parents (through no fault of theirs) taught us to believe that to be successful, you had to become a doctor or lawyer (no offense intended if you're either;)) but we have now seen that is not the case. In a quest for success, we stifle the innate creativity we have all been born with, chasing after professions that are not a reflection of our natural ability .e.g a dancer trying to be an engineer. This doesn't mean that we can't be successful in whatever we choose to become, but it does mean that we are in effect "forcing a round peg into a square hole". Let me, at this juncture state, that I'm not in anyway or form suggesting that we quit our day jobs and pursue creativity, but if you wish to pursue a dream or passion and get creative, by all means do so! I shall duff my hat to you for it takes guts.

If we spent more time birthing to life the ideas we either have or come across and developing the skills and gifts that we all have on the inside of us, maybe we would see more creativity geniuses amongst us.

So what do you think guys? Are you creative or not? Are some people born with a creative gene while others are sidelined in the creative gene pool??

I guess the summary of all this is to say THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF YOU IS FOUND IN THAT WHICH COMES NATURALLY TO YOU. Just my two cents

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