Review Fetching

Fetching is like someone took the funniest parts of Mean Girls, with the animal attacks and animal representations of human behavior into the high school cafeteria and mean breezeways of the mall for the walkways of middle school.

I suppose an 11 year old would find Fetching funny, and there are some very teachable moments. Such as what happens when the bullied become the "trainers" and have more power than they've ever had before. Some of them don't handle it well. Some of the girls let the power go to their heads, becoming as bad as their original tormenters, and others completely change, doing 180?s and the book brings up some important points about how power can corrupt and how to deal with bullies. Additionally there are some other moments that don't quite measure up. The writing is pedantic, even for a middle grade book. Its repetitive, and there's no depth. It doesn't go nearly as far into the reasons behind the training or why the training works, or why the kids should have only instituted some of the training and not the others. Fetching should and could have been so much more involved and interesting, instead it was boring and unrealistic.

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It would make a good novel for a 5th through 8th grader who was facing or worried about bullying but not older.

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