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One way to increase your average sales without working any harder is by selling wall portraits. It is not uncommon for me to sell 2030 and 3040 images even to families that thought they wanted just an 810.

The simple secret is this: Display only the sizes you want to sell.

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All of my images on display are larger than twenty four inches. I do sell a lot of 1620 images, but I have none on my walls. Why?

First of all, the larger sizes start to look normal to people because they get used to seeing them. My goal is to sell 3040 and 4060 images. In order to sell them, I have to show them, I can only do that by hanging only those sizes.

After being wowed by the 3040, and recovering from the sticker shock, it becomes really, really easy for a client who might have had an 810 in their head to order a 1620.

We photographers tend to want to show a lot of variety and therefore we usually put too many small prints on the walls. If you cram your walls full of 810 images you not only have a messy wall, you will only sell 8x10s.

Pick a variety of your very best images. Take advantage of lab specials. Some labs will periodically offer discounts on wall prints. That is a great time to update your displays.

If you can not afford to replace images periodically, as we should, at the very least, move images around. It will seem like you have new images up. I have had people not even notice an image until I change the wall displays around and they wonder why they have not seen it before.

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